5 Tips For Patios With Your Dog

We are allowed outside and the sun is out in full force. Patio season has officially begun in the city of Toronto. We all know if I can't bring my dog I am not coming so here are some patio tips to keep in mind.

1. Pack your bag with some essentials.
A travel bowl is a MUST to keep your dog hydrated during your patio hang. Some patios will have bowls but others may not and you can always ask for a glass of water to fill up the bowl yourself. Also be sure to pack some snacks for your pup. I like to bring a high value chew so Chino has something to keep him occupied and that he enjoys the patio as much as I do. 
2. Confirm with the patio hostess that dogs are in fact allowed.
Some bylaws allow for dogs to be tied on the street facing side of the patio and not on the premises of the restaurant.
3. Pick a shady spot.
You don't want your dog to overheat while being there. Try and get a spot with a tree or an umbrella that can provide some shade. 
4.  Check around your table before sitting down.
Be sure there are not random scrap of food or items your dog can get into. 
5. When leaving return any item you may have borrowed for your dog. Check if your dog went to the bathroom and clean up anything that may need to be cleaned. 
Enjoy the weekend & have fun in the sun. We will be posting our fav dog-friendly patios soon!
XOXO-Ingrid & Chino.

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