A perfect spa day with Hapu

*this is a sponsored post*
I am so excited to share Hapu bathrobes with you! Finding anything in Chino’s size is nearly impossible but the large fit him perfectly. This robe is not only stylish and adorable but helps dry your dog after bath time too. With the cold days I’ve had to plan around when I am going to bathe Chino so that we aren’t going on a cold walk afterwards. Having a little bath robe to put on him makes it super easy as he stays warm and dries off too.The robe is embroidered on the back for a luxury feel. Full disclosure I was calling him Mr. Hugh Hefner because it was just awesome to watch him lounge around the house in his robe. 
I will definitely not only be using it after bath time but if we travel anywhere the hotel usually has a robe for me so Chino naturally needs one too right? 
They have several sizes and an easy sizing guide on their website to get the perfect fitting robe. It has buttons down the middle to ensure it stays on and a little hood to keep ears warm too. Now we just need a fire place to lay by and we are winter ready. They come in several colors and you can even personalize it so that you have a unique robe for your dog. The microfibre material is light weight and dries quickly which is perfect for use on a daily basis too. 
I love that Chino can wear this around the house without feeling constrained. He was able to jump onto the couch while wearing it and roll around too. Be sure to check out Hapu online and on social media. 
XOXO - Ingrid & Chino 

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