Frozen Treat Recipes

Pet parents are always searching for ways to care for their fur babies. Optimal health is always of utmost importance. I try and give Chino supplements that will benefit him as he ages. Recently we have been incorporating goats milk into his diet as a probiotic. Below are some of the fun items I like to put into our molds and freeze for him. 
frozen dog treats
Some fun items to add into these molds include:
Pumpkin puree is a great source of fibre. 
Coconut oil - in moderation is great for the digestive system. I also put some on Chino's fur from time to time too. 
Peanut butter - entices your dog to eat just about anything if they love it and it makes for a great snack.
Bone Broth  - This can be a great topper for picky eaters.
Goats Milk Powder  - A quick way to add more probiotics to your dog' diet. Y
Powder Probiotic - I use this on Chino's food almost daily when he isn't have the frozen treats.
We also pick up locally from Ryan's Raw, the frozen goats milk that can be thawed out and then put into the molds for freezing and easy portion control. We used Caru broths for some of our frozen treats too as pictured above.  We pour all the liquid goodies into various molds and freeze them overnight. QUICK TIP: put the molds onto a baking pan/sheet and it will hold them in place perfectly as sometimes they can be hard to transfer when they are full of liquid.
Fruits & veggies you can add  into your frozen molds:
Blueberries are a great antioxidant and I will be honest it's the only way Chino will eat fruits and veggie is if they are hidden. Bananas can also be added, strawberries, watermelon and mangos are all great to add in too. Broccoli, peas and carrots are all great to add too. Dog's tend to absorb the nutrients in green veggies if they are pureed so add them into a blender with a bit of water and pour into your molds. 
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XO- Ingrid & Chino 

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