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Living in the city most pet owners, like me, use public transportation to get around. Every now and then though we venture outside of the city and past the subway line. Rental cars don't allow pets and taxi services can sometimes be hard to access when you disclose you have a pet with you. Introducing Paws En Route, they provide safe, reliable transportation not only just around the city but just about anywhere.
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Paws en route’s transportation service allows you to ride with your pet or they can ride themselves. For example, to a vet appointment, grooming, or something else that you personally cannot attend. They offer round trip or one-way service to tailor to any needs.
The app, Paws En Route Ride, is available on your phone and you can easily book a ride in advance from where you need to be picked up to anywhere you need to go. Unlike other forms of transport for our pets,  Paws En Route vehicles are equipped with your pet's safety in mind. They have harnesses and seat belts to ensure a smooth and safe ride from point A to point B. I must add I was excited to find Paws En Route because it was founded by a fellow Toronto dog mom!
Paws En Route understands the importance of entrusting the care of your pet to someone else. Their drivers are all thoroughly checked,  vetted, and trained to care for your pet during their ride.  
With Chino's ongoing weekly chemotherapy appointments I will be using their services and taking you on the ride with me so be sure to follow our Instagram stories to see how it all works. 
-XO Ingrid & Chino

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