Local Friends Spotlight: KuriK9

Your pets wellness and overall well-being is so important. Our friend Regan from Kuri K9 offers a variety of different massages to help with our pets overall quality of life. 
What is Kuri K9?  
Kuri K9 Massage is my mobile Certified Canine and Feline Massage Therapy business. I offer Swedish and other massage therapies (such as Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology massage) to my clients’ fur babies in the comfort of their own home—anywhere I can get to within the Toronto area via transit. I also offer Distance Reiki, which comes in handy during COVID lockdowns, but it also means I can serve clients anywhere. You might wonder what a dog or cat might get out of massage therapy, and there are a number of different things. Any dog or cat of any size, age, breed or activity level can benefit from massage, including:  canine athletes, dogs with jobs, pets recovering from illness, surgery, or injury, elderly pets, puppies, animals in need of palliative care, rescue dogs and cats, nervous or shy dogs, and pets with a history of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.  Massage increases the blood supply to muscles, bringing much needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissues.  Massage strokes can help prevent lesions as well as loosening and stretching muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Massage helps increase range of motion, allowing more free movement and gained strength.  As well, increased muscle tone equals increased elasticity. The experience of touch and massage is also a very comforting, close, one-on-one experience which can create a sense of trust, relaxation, and well-being. 
Dogs and cats that have trust issues, anxiety, or that have been neglected or abused at some point in their lives can learn to trust, and gain confidence.  This psychological boost can impact their physical health as well.  Illnesses gain a foothold when stress diminishes the body's immune system.  Massage therapy reduces the physical and mental components of stress, which in turn helps the body feel balanced and rejuvenated, able to defend itself properly.   
Reiki, whether offered at a distance or in person, works with your pet’s energy. It creates and promotes self-healing, balances energies, and revitalizes.  Reiki channels energy to your pet in a powerful and gentle way, enhancing relaxation and providing a sense of peace and contentment. There is no manipulation, and Reiki is non-addictive and non-invasive. Reiki can be effective on its own or as a complement to other modes of healing.   
What inspired your work?  
Ever since I was a small child, I have had a strong connection to animals, including dogs and cats, of course. I empathized with them and bonded quickly, probably because of my calm demeanour. Friends, family and strangers have always commented that I have “a way” with animals. So I knew, from this very young age, that I wanted to work with animals in some way. The trick was figuring out how exactly I wanted to do this.  After working at vet clinics, with groomers, in pet stores, and even as an Animal Care Specialist and Wrangler on the set of “Once Upon A Hamster” Season III, I learned that clinical and stressful settings were not the right space for either myself, or the animals. But I did know that I wanted to find a way to help all these wonderful animals I was meeting via clinics, groomers and the pet store I worked at. The animals themselves inspired me first. Working with pets in different capacities taught me what I didn’t want to do.  Then a groomer friend of mine suggested Canine Massage Therapy, and from there, I did some research and discovered how I could get the necessary training. The groomer friend of mine also operated out of people’s homes where necessary, which further inspired me to do the same kind of thing, once I got my own business started.
What do you enjoy most?  
With massage therapy, I love working directly with each animal. And I love to witness the positive effects, or hear about them from each pet parent. I love making progress, whether it’s with an animal who is usually not so quick to trust letting me go further and try more techniques, or one who is in considerable discomfort who is suddenly able to do so much more and feels so much better. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re making a difference in the quality of a pet’s life (and therefore, their moms and dads, too). With Distance Reiki, I’m always amazed at the effects and the messages I often receive, despite our different locations, and no matter how far. The physical and emotional improvements and insights are quite profound. 
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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