Local Friends Spotlight: Muttropolitan Walks

As many pet owners return to work their dogs have gotten so used to having a companion at home all day. A dog walker is an essential service for the busy pet parent. Whether they take your dog on a daily walk or as needed the service they provide is invaluable. Ashlee from Muttropolitan Walks provides an exceptional service to her four legged clients. 
Who is Muttropolitan walks?  
Muttropolitan walks is your friendly neighbourhood dog walker. It’s a time to have fun, feel loved and be engaged. I strive to make it a pet care service that dogs and their people can feel confident in. 


How long have you been a dog walker? 
I started Muttropolitan walks in April of 2019. So professionally, I’ve been walking for just over 2 years, but personally I have been walking my own dogs, friend’s dogs, any dogs that will have me, my entire life. 


What is your fav part of the job? 
This question is so hard to answer! This is the most rewarding and satisfying job I’ve ever had. But if I had to pick one thing…. It would have to be pick up time,  when they simply cannot contain their excitement when seeing me and become a furry wiggle machine. Or when my human clients tell me of their dogs excited reactions to being told Ashlee is coming. Knowing that they associate me with being a source of fun, excitement, and love is the most rewarding compliment. 


Favourite park in the city?
For neighbourhood sniff and strolls I would pick Dufferin Grove. It's a great place to cool off in the summer as it has many shady/grassy areas. It’s not super busy, but still has enough traffic for good people watching when we need a little down time during a walk and with all the other doggos and wildlife it makes for great sniffing. 

 For Adventure walks I would have to choose Lambton Woods. It has something for everyone! So many sights and smells, creeks to splash around in, off the beaten paths to explore, and the occasional deer sighting. The dogs love exploring the fallen trees and traversing the natural terrain. It can be a welcome change of pace from the sidewalks of the city. 


Who are your pets?
We have 3 pets of our own. One is Korben. A wonderful, wise and reserved Australian cattle dog who is 9 years young. We also have a wiggly little Boston Terrier named Baldwin, named after James Baldwin, who is 9 months old and cute as a button. Last but not least we have our roommate Tequila, who is technically our cat, just don’t tell her that. 


What inspired you to start dog walking?
After 2 leg injuries that left me unable to work in my current job as an Early Childhood Educator and the loss of my beloved Boston Terrier of 12 years, Bronte, I decided I needed a change. While I truly enjoyed the care aspect of childcare I did not enjoy the bureaucracy and I had always joked that a dog daycare would suit me best. 

 During rehab for my injuries I needed to walk a lot, and that meant that Korben was coming with me, he agreed, at first… I soon realized that Korben did not need to walk quite as much as I did, he made it very clear with his looks of “please not another walk” while trying to meld with the couch.  

This also coincided with my neighbour getting a puppy. I quickly offered to walk her dog while she was at work. This gave me more excuse to walk and Korben a welcome reprieve. Soon my neighbour decided she needed to pay me for the walks and that’s when my light bulb went on! While my legs had healed my heart was still broken from the loss of Bronte, she had meant so much to me for so long and it was unthinkable that she could just be gone. Muttropolitan Walks was created in her honour and to help keep her memory alive. She’s the inspiration for my logo and while the hole she left in my heart will never be filled, all the doggos that I have had the pleasure of caring for have helped me feel a little more full.

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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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