Local Friends Spotlight: Puppy Gang Fresh Foods

What we feed our dogs is so important and plays a huge role in their health, overall quality of life and even life span. The ladies that created Puppy Gang Fresh Foods had that at the top of mind when they created their premium dog food brand. 
Tell us about Puppy Gang and how it started?
Puppy Gang Fresh Foods started when one of our founders, Marisa adopted Kalinda, who was rescued from a puppy mill. She was so overweight she could barely walk and was told by multiple vets she needed $5,000 knee surgery or would not be able to walk long term. She was sick and her blood work was not looking good. 
Marisa was a first time dog owner and didn’t know much about what to feed her dogs and growing up with a family dog always thought kibble was best. Marisa consulted with with three different vets who recommended 'premium' brands of kibble and after 8 months, Kalinda showed no improvement.

Marisa and Sarah who are long time friends, and share a passion for health and fitness became convinced it was Kalinda's diet. We don’t eat processed foods every day, and know we would feel awful if we did, so how could the same not be true for our dogs?  

As we started doing research, we realized the pet food industry is unregulated and commercial pet food brands often contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, additives and synthetic vitamins. We continued our research and realized dogs could be living up to 50% longer, and over 60% of dogs in North America are obese. 

Finally working with a holistic veterinarian, Kalinda switched to human grade meals. Her transformation was incredible. Within 3 months she lost half her body weight, started running and jumping like a puppy and never needed the knee surgery! This was three years ago and Kalinda continues to age backwards. 

{Marisa & her dogs Harley & Kalinda}

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods was then born as we realized we had to help other dogs live longer and healthier lives through our human grade, healthy and delicious meals, which have been developed with holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionists.

{Sarah & her dog Tarzan}
Who are your pets?
Marisa has 2 rescues, Kalinda a 9 year old mini schnauzer and Harley a 3 year old mixed breed.
Sarah has 1 rescue, Tarzan a 10 year old mixed breed.
What is your favourite ingredient in your recipes and why?
All of the greens! Leafy green vegetables have shown to significantly reduce the risk of certain cancers in dogs. Also, our organic supplements such as kelp powder which is a natural source of iodine and trace minerals...great for human health too.  All of our meals contain high quality proteins, fruits, vegetables and organic supplements. The ingredients are steamed to preserve the nutrients and remove the risk of bacteria. They taste delicious and are healthy for your pup as well!
Where do you offer delivery to?
We currently deliver to the GTA, and are continuing to expand across Ontario. We will announce our expanded areas in our newsletter, so be sure to sign up if you are interested.
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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