Local Friends Spotlight: Your Ultimate Pet Products

Who is YUPP?
Your Ultimate Pet Products Corp. (YUPP) makes healthy dog food in the shape of a ball, otherwise known as the MuttBall. The MuttBalls are comprised of the highest quality human-grade ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. The current flavours include beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, and we also have a vegetarian option. The MuttBalls are baked, then vacuum packed, and finally frozen to seal in the freshness. We believe in building communities, connecting with our customers, and everyone on the YUPP team loves animals.
How did the MuttBall come about?
The original beef MuttBall recipe was created in 2008 by Ana and Daniel, who started Pablo the Dog. Pablo was a rescue that needed physical and emotional nurturing. Pablo was a bit picky, and his owners did not like the idea of feeding their dog processed food. They did a lot of research, consulted canine nutritionists, and kept improving the recipe & production process. Over the span of a decade, the loyal following of subscription customers kept growing. These customers had a few things in common: they wanted to provide their pet with quality wholesome nutrition, they wanted the convenience of delivery, and they did not have time to prepare the food themselves.
In 2018 it was time to retire, and the baton was passed to YUPP. The timing couldn’t have been better, as one of the new owners had just rescued Rocket who needed extended care.
Who is Rocket?
Rocket is not only the canine face of the enterprise, chief tester, troublemaker, poser, but he is also a dear friend. Unfortunately, his story is not unique when it comes to rescues. He is a boxer bully mix, who was rescued from a US kill shelter the day before he was scheduled to be put down. He was severely malnourished weighing only 42 pounds, but he had a spirit of a lion. After 10 months of exclusively eating MuttBalls, he was at a healthy weight of 70 pounds, well adjusted, and happy. To this day, he only eats MuttBalls and his parents can’t fathom feeding him anything else.
What’s next for YUPP?
Aside from continuously improving, our goal is to form meaningful connections and relationships with existing and new customers. We are looking to expand our delivery area, collaborate more, help local businesses, and start an ambassador program.
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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