Quarterly Rescue Collab: MUTTS Dog Rescue

We are so excited to continue our initiative to donate to a new rescue for the March-May quarter. This time we are spotlighting and donating to MUTTS Dog Rescue . Part of every online purchase will be donated to them for the next three months.
How was MUTTS Dog  Rescue founded?
MUTTS is the result of four perfect strangers who came together while working for a rescue that is now closed. We knew our job wasn't done and there was still so much more to do thus, MUTTS was born. 

What was the inspiration?
The inspiration behind MUTTS is simple; the underdogs. Our goal has been and will always be to advocate for the mutts, the dogs that are overlooked.
What is a proud moment or rewarding part of what you do?
We have many proud moments and almost every single part of what we do is rewarding but the proudest moment is that we've been able to help SO many dogs in such a short period of time. Our team is small, mighty and nimble.

Tell us about where the dogs come from?
Our dogs come from many northern remote communities across Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. We also get dogs from Barbados, Mexico and occasionally from Southern US.
What is the adoption process like?
Our adoption process is five steps; the initial application, phone interview with our team, vet and reference checks, virtual home visit and in-person meet and greet. More information can be found here
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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