Quarterly Rescue Collab: Sea Paws

We are so excited to continue our initiative to donate to a new rescue for the September - November quarter. This time we are spotlighting and donating to Sea Paws Rescue! Part of every online purchase will be donated to them for the three months. Natasha one of the founders tells us more about this awesome rescue below. 
Who is Sea Paws Rescue, how was it establish and what do you do?
Sea Paws Rescue (SPR) is a small passionate team of animal lovers dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned and neglected animals all over the globe. Our goal is to give every animal the medical care, shelter, and love and care they need to ensure their successful integration from our foster homes into our #SPRfurever homes. 

We partner with shelters locally in Canada as well as abroad, for whom we directly assist in facilitating adoptions. We strive to protect these innocent lives from abuse and neglect by educating the community on proper animal care and shedding light on our current issue of extreme animal overpopulation to ultimately reduce pet homelessness.
Share a story that really is memorable.
Maples Rescue Story 
Founder Natasha Gisondi was on a rescue mission with SPR partners K9 Advocates Manitoba on May 2 2021. SPR & K9 were called in to a northern community 14 hours north of Winnipeg to help with some spay and neuters as well as to rescue some stray animals.  That day as a team we were able to rescue over 30 animals one of them being Miss Maple. When Natasha first saw maple she was coming out of the bush to say hello and get some food! When we first saw her, she was completely covered in her own feces that were frozen to her & she was freezing like most of the northern dogs.  The community leaders were shocked at how quickly this stray approached us and they told us it was meant to be and that she was coming home with us! 

From the moment Maple went into the crate she slept for 10 hours straight and didn’t move (she scared the life out of us!). After pooping out a 5-foot long tapeworm she started to show her personality and god can you ever say LOVE MUFFIN ,the dog is the laziest, fun-loving dog you can ask for! She is amazing with other dogs and kids and now happy in her #SPRfurever home  Maple story will forever be in our hearts! 
What/Who inspired you?

Sea Paws Rescue was founded in 2020 by two animal lovers - Briana MacLeod and Natasha Gisondi - dedicated to saving the lives of neglected and stray animals. They worked hand-in-hand rescuing and rehoming animals in Canada from multiple shelters around the globe. They spent their time volunteering for several years, fostering 50+ pups between the two of them and creating foster/adoption screening processes for shelters so that their animals could find their best furever homes in Canada. When COVID-19 hit, the pair decided to formalize their partnership and incorporated SEA PAWS RESCUE LTD. (SPR) as a Not-for-Profit. Briana now lives in Alberta, and Natasha continues to run the Ontario based rescue.

FUN FACT: Briana and Natasha met volunteering for a shelter based in the Bahamas, which is where they got both of their pups, Winston and Sadie - who are siblings and the inspiration behind SPR!

Where do the dogs usually come from?
We partner with rescues/shelters locally in Canada as well as overseas. Our most recent intakes are from Northern Manitoba, Cayman Islands, Korea, India, Oman & Texas. 
How does the process work?

We would like to invite you to begin the adoption process by filling out our Adoption Application. Once we receive your completed application, we will reach out to you if you are selected to schedule a video interview within the following weeks, which serves as a virtual home visit as well as an interview. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our rescue organization and adoption process. After the interview, once we've reviewed your references you will be informed of our decision. 

If you are adopting a dog who is currently in foster care in Canada, there will be a Meet and Greet set by our Adoption Coordinators with the Foster Parent. If you are adopting a dog who is not yet in Canada, you will be matched ahead of time and there will not be a Meet and Greet.

Fostering is a similar process where you fill out the application, do a video interview as well as a home visit and do reference checks.

    Once we've reviewed your references after the call, you will be informed of our decision, and if approved to foster, you will be asked to sign the Foster Agreement and send your tenant insurance within 48 hours of receiving the congratulatory email. 

    SPR foster pups can be in your home from 1 to 3 months on average, but this time can be longer dependant on your foster’s behavioural and/or medical situation.

    Please note that the SPR team requires a 24-hour check in with SPR Foster Coordinator after pickup/drop off of a SPR pup and SPR 10 day PUPdate form completed.

    The Meet and Greet with your SPR foster pup and their applicant / potential #SPRfurever home are to be done in a public area with a set time, which will be coordinated in the email thread with the SPR Adoption Coordinator responsible for that adoption. Please note that we require all adult household members be in attendance as well as any pets such as dogs.

    Fosters do not have final say but we appreciate your input on how the Meet and Greet goes.

    Pick Up – A SPR Adoption Coordinator will coordinate a pick up time with the approved applicant for the pick-up of their SPR Furever pup!

    Follow Sea Paws Rescue - Website | Instagram | GoFundMe
    -XO Ingrid & Chino

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