Quarterly Rescue Collab: Stray To Play

We want to introduce our new initiative regarding our donations to rescues and helping dogs in need. Every quarter we will be highlighting and donating to one rescue for that quarter. For June - August we will be working with Stray to Play and a part of YOUR online purchase will be donated to Stray to Play!  Stray To Play has rescued over 100 dogs to date! Faye answers some of our questions and gives us more info below.
Who is stray to play, how was it established and what do you do?
"Stray to Play was birthed during Covid last year, we are a bunch of animal lovers who wanted to make a difference with our shared goal of saving as many pups as we can. I lead Ontario/Mexico/US intakes as well as Fundraising!"
Share a story that really is memorable.
"This "story" is quite common but it is what truly drives us as a team to keep going. Seeing these dogs in their most vulnerable state- whether it be an owner surrender, or a dog that just was transported from a far country. They arrive and although some are "sweet and playful" from the beginning- others are often scared, hesitant, shut down and cautious. It breaks my heart when you look into their eyes and see how unsure they are. The most gratifying moments are seeing these dogs who are extremely shut down and scared have their "firsts." The first time they play with a toy, the first time they venture out of their crates on their own, the first time they seek attention from their foster parents. These firsts are so powerful because it means that these dogs are learning to trust again. Little things that some take for granted- to these pups, it means the world."
What/Who inspired you?
"The other rescuers who have been doing this for years, as well as our rescue partners who dedicate their lives to the dogs. Everyone has a different way of "rescuing" but the end goal is the same- no dog left behind."
How does the process work?
"We are a foster based rescue as we don't have a physical shelter. All dogs coming into our care are matched to approved foster homes who commit to the 3-week decompression period. All dogs stay in foster care for at least 3 weeks prior to being adopted/or put up for adoption. We use the 3 weeks to learn as much as we can about the dogs, what they need, what type of environment they will thrive in, what things do they need to work on etc."
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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