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Chino is currently eating home cooked foods during his Chemotherapy treatment. However, he has eaten raw for the last 9 years and we are hoping to go back to it once he is finished treatment and we get the green light from our veterinarian. Today I want to share some benefits of raw and why Chino has been on it for all these years.
This was the biggest reason; Chino was super allergic to several premium kibbles that we tried. Feeding him raw was a great way to go through a process of elimination to get to the bottom of it. I would feed him one single protein for a couple of weeks and see how he reacted to it. In doing so I was able to conclude that chicken was causing a reaction and eliminated that from his diet entirely which had huge benefits. TruDog offers a variety of proteins making it easy to pick and choose what sits well with your dog. They also offer a 4 pack with a variety of proteins, making it easy to give your dog a chance to try a variety before committing to the ones you will continue to feed. It’s important to offer variety when feeding raw and they have so many options.
Despite popular belief, feeding your dog raw is super easy and does not entail a whole bunch of work. There are options, such as TruDog, which offer freeze dried raw which is easy to feed at home or on the go. There are lots of options from pre-made patties, making it yourself from the butcher and more.
I talk a lot about stool in my Pet First Aid & CPR classes and let me tell you depending on what you feed it can vary a lot. Feeding raw your dog has to process less in their bodies and their poop is literally half the amount of what it would be with kibble. The frequency of going #2 also decreases significantly as well.
Chino’s energy levels changed when I switched him over to raw 100%, he was less sluggish and his tummy was less bloated as well. When there is less fillers, grains, and other icky things to process your dog can have optimal levels of energy.
Most dog owners think that feeding raw can be expensive, but it doesn’t cost much more than a premium kibble to be honest. It’s also great that you can add supplements, fruits and veggies in season too.
I hope you found this informative about raw feeding. You can always find more information and resources online. If you are thinking of switching your dog’s diet discuss with your vet, join raw feeding Facebook groups as those are full of information and resources as well.
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