Toronto is one of Canada’s most dog friendly cities. That’s why across Toronto companies have teamed up with Toronto Dog Moms to offer special deals and promotions.
Charmy Pet Box  torontodogmoms15 for 15% off
Print Nest TODOGMOM20 for 20% off 
Panda & Co DOGMOM 10% off 
CannaCanine todogs for 40% off
North Hound Life  torontodogmoms10 for 10% off 
Puppy Gang Fresh Foods 
TDM20 for 20% off 14 or 30 pack meals
Okami Canine TODOGMOMS 15% off any training package 
Kuri K9 Massage  $10 off distance Reiki
Team Plover  welcometdm for free shipping
EarthPup todogmoms30 for 30% off
Concept-Pet  torontodogmoms for 15% off
BarkBox  torontodogmoms
Runway Misfitz  TDM20 for 20% off 
Fetch Co. DOGMOMS20  for 20% off
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