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Crystal Charms - torontodogmoms
Crystal Charms - torontodogmoms
Crystal Charms - torontodogmoms


Crystal Charms

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These gorgeous looking uniquely designed crystal charms are made to perfectly fit your pet's collar. The magical properties that they contain are responsible for positive energies and protection provided to your pets, contributing to their happiness. 

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Amethyst is perfect for keeping the negative energies away from your pets. The crystal’s healing powers are going to balance your pets’ emotional state and reduce nervousness, curing your pet of nightmares and insomnia, contributing to both their physical and mental health.

Rose Quartz

This crystal provides greater support for the psyche and shields your pets from spiritual problems that can often be the reasons why your pets behave so strangely or seem absent. Rose Quartz’s main power is the feeling of love, so this crystal is especially useful for rescue dogs or if you simply wish to remind your pets of how much you love them and what they mean to you.


Moonstone holds the power of mystery and is associated with strong feminine energies. It has a connection to the magic of the moon and its secret power is protection. With this crystal, you will be able to provide safety to your pets.

Smokey Quartz

If you have noticed that your pets have been feeling a bit anxious lately, use this crystal charm to reduce their level of stress. Smokey Quartz brings emotional calmness, as well as helps your pets overcome the emotions of fear, stress and sadness.