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A perfect spa day with Hapu

*this is a sponsored post* I am so excited to share Hapu bathrobes with you! Finding anything in Chino’s size is nearly impossible but the large fit him perfectly. This robe is not only stylish and adorable but helps dry your dog after bath time too. With the cold days I’ve had to plan around when I am going to bathe Chino so that we aren’t going on a cold walk afterwards. Having a little bath robe to put on him makes it super easy as he stays warm and dries off too.The robe is embroidered on the back for a luxury feel. Full disclosure I was calling him Mr. Hugh Hefner because it was just awesome to watch him lounge around the house...

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Raw Feeding With TruDog

**This post contains affiliate links and is a paid post* Chino is currently eating home cooked foods during his Chemotherapy treatment. However, he has eaten raw for the last 9 years and we are hoping to go back to it once he is finished treatment and we get the green light from our veterinarian. Today I want to share some benefits of raw and why Chino has been on it for all these years.   ALLERGIES This was the biggest reason; Chino was super allergic to several premium kibbles that we tried. Feeding him raw was a great way to go through a process of elimination to get to the bottom of it. I would feed him one single protein...

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