We want dog moms to be proud but more specifically we want them to be proud of their pets and their city.

dog and owner
Bringing Together Toronto Dog Moms

My name is Ingrid Castro and I’m the founder of Toronto Dog Moms. 

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility but it’s also a rewarding one. I created Toronto Dog Moms to help other moms connect, show pride, and share our love of pets. In addition to selling modern dog mom clothing and swag, Toronto Dog Moms is home to valuable information on pet health, events, and a community where all moms can connect and feel supported. 

At Toronto Dog Moms, we believe in collaboration and community which is why we will donate a portion of all sales to the Toronto Humane Society. We also support dog-friendly events and places, so make sure to email us with any updates so we can share with our dog mom community.  

So join us. 

Meet other moms on our Facebook group and connect with us on Instagram.

Mission & Values
To bring together like-minded dog moms and their pups to connect and inspire each other.
We value collaboration, community, and pet education.