We want dog moms to be proud but more specifically we want them to be proud of their pets and their city too!
dog and owner

Bringing together city dog moms
Founded by a female entrepreneur whose love of dogs from an early age prompted her to start working with animals professionally.  In her early 20’s she started her business and hasn’t looked back since. The idea of celebrating other dog moms had always appealed to her and that’s how Toronto Dog Moms was born. Chino was a large influence and inspiration to start working with animals full time and it has grown into so much more. Ingrid currently volunteers for Soi Dog Canada an organization that rescues street dogs from Thailand. She also teaches pet first aid & CPR as well as organizes an initiative to help pets of the homeless in the city by making donations to shelters that allow homeless people in with their beloved pets.

Toronto Dog Moms is inspired by the excitement that comes with the arrival of a new dog in the family. Couples have baby showers and we at Toronto Dog Moms believe that puppy showers should be part of the norm.  Mother’s Day and puppy birthdays should be celebrated and welcomed just like any other special occasion.

At Toronto Dog Moms we believe in collaboration and community which is why we will donate part of the proceeds of sales to the Toronto Humane Society.   We also want to support dog-friendly events and places, so make sure to email us with any updates so we can share with the dog mom community. Join our online Facebook group to meet other moms in the city.

If anyone has referred to you as “{insert cute dogs name}’s mom” then we can totally relate. No one in the neighborhood knows MY name but “Chino’s Mom” always has treats in her pocket!

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility but also a rewarding one.  We wouldn’t trade it for the world. We want to unite with other dog moms, show our pride and share our love of pets.  We hope to be a great resource of information and build a community where all moms feel welcome.

To bring together like-minded dog mamas and their pups to connect and inspire each other.
We value collaboration, community, and education.