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Pet Transportation With Paws En Route

Living in the city most pet owners, like me, use public transportation to get around. Every now and then though we venture outside of the city and past the subway line. Rental cars don't allow pets and taxi services can sometimes be hard to access when you disclose you have a pet with you. Introducing Paws En Route, they provide safe, reliable transportation not only just around the city but just about anywhere. Paws en route’s transportation service allows you to ride with your pet or they can ride themselves. For example, to a vet appointment, grooming, or something else that you personally cannot attend. They offer round trip or one-way service to tailor to any needs. The app, Paws En Route Ride, is available...

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Giving your dog a spa treatment with Paws & EFX

*Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own* Chino gets dirty and he get's dirty often. He has super sensitive skin so bathing him as often as I'd like to is not always the best option. With that being said we gave Paws & EFX a try. I was initially intrigued by their line because of their dead sea mineral bath soak. This bath soak is made of minerals and has many benefits to use which include: soothes and moisturizes skin enhances circulation nourishes coat anti-inflammatory {Chino soaking his feet - we add a towel in to help him with his grip and feel comfortable standing in the water} Paws & EFX also makes two different 2-in-1 shampoo....

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BarkBox is back in Canada!

I may be a little late in realizing this but there was a lengthy period of time that BarkBox was unable to take on new Canadian customers. They are finally back in business here in Canada which is super exciting. Chino has been getting a BarkBox since he was a puppy. We have never been disappointed with our boxes, the level of customer service we receive nor have we ever felt that the boxes were repetitive.    What is BarkBox?  A monthly subscription box that arrives to your door with three treats and two toys each month. Usually the treats consistent of two bags of a variety of treats and one chew. The toys also vary depending on the size...

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