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Winter Paw Protection For Your Dog

Winter Paw Protection For Your Dog

Winter is here for the next little while and if you live in the city you know how heavily salted the sidewalks can get. Here are some tips on protecting your pets paws this Winter. 
winter dog
SALT: If you do need to put down salt be sure you are using pet-friendly salts, they are made with natural ingredients and are not as harmful as other ice melting product. Be sure to shovel and de-ice entry ways to prevent slips too for both you and your dog when our on walks. 
WIPES: I recently purchased these Earth Rated wipes and I love them, they smell great, are super durable and let me wipe Chino down well after walks from head to toe. You can also try this paw cleaner that many people seem to love. 
BALMS: For dogs who won't wear booties there are options. A Paw Protector will help provided a protective layer. Dog's will usually lift their paws on walks not because they are cold but because they salt or clumps of snow have gotten in between their toe pads. 
BOOTS: Some dogs don't mind wearing boots while others do. Chino had a great pair of boots when he was a puppy that had great traction. Dog boots provide warmth as well protection. My top pick for dog boots are Muttluks , they are really great at staying on and are easy to put on. The downfall to boots is that if you lose one you have to buy 4 more again so that can be a pain. I personally use Pawz boots, they come in a variety of colours, come with 12 of them and I can slip them on easily. 
Tell us what your must have for winter is for your dog. 
XO- Ingrid & Chino 

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