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5 Tips For Choosing A Vet

5 Tips For Choosing A Vet

As a pet owner different circumstances and changes cause you to look for a new vet. Maybe you have brought home a new addition to your family, moved or are caring for a pet while a family member is away. Nonetheless, it is important to have a good relationship with your vet and an understanding.
Today I am sharing the top 5 tips when choosing a veterinarian.

{1} Office Hours
The hours that the office operates are extremely important. Do they coincide with your work hours? Are you able to book appointments on evenings and weekends? Having a vet that is closed during peak hours or refers you to an emergency vet after 8 pm is a big concern. You want a veterinarian that is available when emergencies strike.
{2} Referrals
Being in the service industry myself I know the importance of a referral. When someone is able to refer you to their animal hospital and speaks very highly of them this is a great indicator. I always take this as a green light if their current patients are happy with the care they are being provided
{3} Location
Ensure that the office is located close enough to your home. The last thing you want is to have to get across town during rush hour with a sick pup. It's important that you are nearby as not everyone drives and if needed public transportation only allows pets onboard at certain times. Having a vet nearby is not only convenient but vital when time-sensitive issues occur.
{4} Visit The Office On A Regular Day
Do not wait until you need a veterinarian to look for one. Early research will help from making an abrupt and rash decision of who to entrust with the care of your pet. Pop into a local vet office and ask questions, meet the staff, tour the facility and speak to other patrons to see their opinions.
{5} Ensure Your Vet Supports Your Diet
Now, this may come as a surprise but I always tell people that if your vet supports the diet you are feeding your dog (within reason) they have my approval. Feeding a raw diet myself, I find many vets try and sway you to purchase the food sold in their facilities. A vet that supports my choices and does not try and alter them is of utmost importance.
XO-Ingrid & Chino 

comments ( 1 )

Elina Brooks
Jul 23, 2023

It’s good that you emphasized how important it is to consider the location when choosing a veterinary clinic since having one closer to us will eliminate the need to drive across town during emergencies. I recently adopted a puppy, and I was thinking of having him vaccinated next week since my landlord only allowed me to keep him if I get him his shots. I’ll keep this in mind when I choose a veterinary clinic for my puppy soon.

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