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Importance of Pet First Aid

Importance of Pet First Aid

Accidents happen, and medical emergencies are an unfortunate part of having a pet. While some accidents result in only minor injuries, other emergencies can be life-threatening. Providing immediate care is critical. First aid training can help you understand what to look for and teach you how to provide proper care. These first aid skills can improve your pet’s chances of recovery and potentially save their life.
Pet First Aid and CPR
Pet first aid refers to the immediate care provided to your pet after an accident or medical event. The purpose of pet first aid is to reduce pain and further injury until your pet can receive the appropriate veterinary care. First aid can range from applying a temporary bandage to keeping your pet safe during a seizure. 
CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This procedure involves giving your pet breaths and performing chest compressions. CPR is necessary when your pet experiences a cardiac event or stops breathing. When this occurs, oxygen levels in the body drop. Vital organs are deprived of oxygen which can result in permanent injury. CPR helps move oxygen throughout your pet’s body until their breathing or heart rate is restored. 
Why Pet First Aid and CPR Training is Important
Proper first aid and CPR training can save your pet’s life in the event of an emergency. Research shows that pet survival rates could increase by 25% if even one first aid technique is applied before the pet receives veterinary care. 
A training course can teach you skills and techniques to help your pet. These courses are also useful to help you remain calm in an emergency. It is common to panic when your pet becomes injured or gets sick. However, you can’t provide the help your pet needs when you’re not thinking clearly. By remaining calm and having a plan, you will be able to provide the care your pet desperately needs. 
Available Courses
Quality pet first aid courses can be challenging to find. Toronto Dog Mom’s provides a First Aid and CPR course for pet owners and pet professionals. This 10-hour course provides in person instruction from a certified Pet First Aid Instructor. The class uses live dogs to help you gain hands-on experience and develop your skills under the guidance of a professional. The topics of this Toronto Pet First Aid course include CPR, medication administration, and injury and illness prevention.
 Sign up today to make sure you are prepared unexpected emergencies.
-XO Ingrid & Chino

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Apr 03, 2023

This is so true…I had to save my Chihuahua’s life 3 times because she chokes on her food :(
CPR training can be a lifesaver, literally.

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