5 Quick Firework Safety Tips

The first warm long weekend is upon us. The city is allowing fireworks for the long weekend and with that being said many dogs are usually not big fans of fireworks. The loud pop can cause a huge startle for many and they often end up shaking, shivering and panting out of terror. Here are 4 tips to help you get through the long weekend with your dog. 
1. Keep pets inside, dogs will get into flight mode when they hear fireworks
It's nice to bring your dog with you for outdoor events but this is one you may want to have them skip out on. Many dogs go missing after the long weekend as their flight response kicks in and they take off after hearing the loud fireworks. 
2. Try some calming alternatives - CBD oil or thunder shirt
Creating a sense of calm and zen in your dog will help them be at ease while fireworks may be happening outside of your home. Adding a few drops of CBD to their dinner that day or putting a thundershirt on will help.

3. Create a little area for them to feel safe and comfortable. Include high value treats too. 
A little dog den where they can lounge and munch on a bully stick or bone will keep them occupied and hopefully to the point where they don't even notice what is going on outside. 
4. Play music or watch a movie that can help drown out the sound of fireworks.
Have a dance party at home or cue the action movies to drown out the sounds of fireworks. Heres a list of some of the best action movies ( sure to have lots of similar sounds) 
5. Have your longest walks in the day time when it will be less likely to come across fireworks. 
Once the sun goes down the fireworks start, it's best to avoid a long stroll with your dog as you may run into people letting off fireworks.
We hope these tips are helpful and wish you a safe and happy long weekend! 
XO-Ingrid & Chino


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