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Chino's Canine Cancer Christmas Fundraiser

Chino's Canine Cancer Christmas Fundraiser

In caring for Chino throughout his cancer journey, I have done a lot of research and learned about canine cancers. The statistics of dogs developing cancer in their lifetime is alarming.

Vets estimate that one in four dogs will, at some stage in their life, develop cancer and 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer”– Veterinary Cancer Society

To honour Chino and bring awareness to other pet parents out there, I am hosting a fundraiser to help other pet parents dealing with their beloved family member being diagnosed with cancer. 

Chino's Fundraiser Dates:
National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day November 7, 2022 -
Giving Tuesday November 29, 2022

 You can support by donating Kali's Wish Cancer Foundation.
In gratitude for your support, I will be giving the first 30 donors an unreleased Chino Christmas pin. Once the donation has been made simply forward your receipt to and include your mailing address. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive over this difficult time
Who is Kali's Wish Cancer Foundation:
"Kali's Wish is the only charity in Canada dedicated to helping Guardians and their families through pet cancer.  They offer a number of free programs to help families get through this, such as peer "Buddy" support, guidance from veterinarians and online resources shared on their website Health Hub. No one should face pet cancer alone."

What will my donation be used for?
"Your donation will support our work in helping families get through pet cancer. We develop education tools, offer online expert advice and run programs that families can receive free care packages and be connected with a community. Our work ensures that no one faces pet cancer alone. Your donations help us achieve this."


Thank you <3 Ingrid

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