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Tips For Senior & Aging Dogs

Tips For Senior & Aging Dogs

This blog post is sponsored by Bitu’s Pet Cremation Services
Depending on a dog's breed and size, among other things, the precise age at which it is called "senior" may vary. However, bigger breeds may mature more quickly and be regarded as seniors as young as 5 to 6 years old, others around 7 years old are considered seniors.
Keep in mind that every senior dog is different and may have different care needs. Your dog's well-being and joy may be ensured by maintaining regular contact with your veterinarian and being aware of their needs.
The following are a few tips to help care for your senior dog.
  1. A healthy/well-balanced diet:

Age-related problems in the form of physical and metabolic changes are common in dogs, which eventually lead to requests for certain senior healthcare procedures, such as senior pet meals for weight management, anti-aging, or preventing age-related disorders. As a result, nutritionally balanced pet meals that help preserve excellent health and prevent the development of disorders in older dogs are presently receiving increased attention. . To select a premium, age-appropriate dog food that promotes your dog's general health and treats any health issues, consult with your veterinarian. Their overall needs change over time and it is best to consult with a professional the best meals to feed your senior dog.
  1. Supplements:

    With age, the production of gluconates which is necessary for joint cartilage and helps to reduce friction starts to reduce naturally. The prevalence of joint issues in senior dogs is about 20% which means 1 out of 5 dogs faces joint issues. If you take care of a senior dog with the help of joint supplements you can make your senior dog's life easy and avoid such kinds of issues at a later age. With age, some dogs start to gain weight, which also leads to joint problems which can be overcome with the help of a proper and balanced diet combined with appropriate exercise. It is highly recommended to offer your dog supplements. Consult with your vet because the requirements of senior dogs are different from young dogs. Omega-3 which is naturally found in fish is also considered beneficial in the reduction of arthritis and other liver and kindly problems. Even Omega-3 helps to improve the skin and fur of senior dogs. Antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium are important to boost the immunity of senior dogs and dark-coloured vegetables and fruits are enriched with them, which can be offered as a trea
  1. Living comfort and affection:

    Making sure they have easy access to food, clean water, and a designated bathroom area while also giving them a nice, supportive bed to ease the strain on their joints. If you want to help your senior dog with movement, think about adjusting your home, such as ramps or non-slippery surfaces.Ensuring they have proper grip on hardwood or laminate floors is essential to avoid injuries or further joint issues.
  1. Physical activity with cerebral stimulation:

    Physical activity is important for senior dogs because the absence of it can lead to obesity. Exercise supports healthy weight control, joint flexibility, and muscular tone. To maintain their cognitive capacities, mental stimulation is equally necessary. To stimulate the mind, provide engaging games, puzzles, or light training exercises.
  1. Pre-planning aftercare:
A very difficult topic of discussion, nevertheless extremely important and unavoidable. Pre-planning aftercare services not only brings you peace of mind but helps you spend those precious last moments with your pet. In case of a quality of life decision, having a professional that can do end of life services in the comfort of your home is an option. Regardless of your pet’s end of life arrangements there are options to explore. It’s important to explore the options and make the choice prior to your pet passing so that you can make it from an informed decision and not during an emotional time. Contacting a service such as Bitu’s Pet Cremation Services can help make decisions and prepare for when the time comes.. Let them know of your wishes on how you’d like to say your goodbyes. Maybe by way of a blessing ceremony or Celebration of Life or a quite, private farewell. Incase of an emergency, Bitu’s Pet Cremation Services is available over the phone 24 x 7 to help you during your difficult time. Their services include fully private witnessed or semi private creamtions and they have a variety of memorial products for your pet’s ashes.  It is a difficult topic to discuss however having a plan in place for your pet is of utmost importance so that you’ve made the best decision during a time of less stress. You can check out Bitu’s Pet Cremation Services at or call 647 969 2488.

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