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Charm & Key Chain Set - Evil Eye Blue (Silver)

Evil Eye Blue Charm & Key Chain Set - Protection for Pets

Charm & Key Chain Set - Evil Eye Blue (Silver)



This set was created by me to send you and your dog (or cat) good and protective vibes.  Clip it to their collar and harness and match them with your keychain!

The evil eye provides protection from bad luck. Keep away bad vibes and invite in good fortune, protection, and luck. Open your eyes to this beautiful evil eye charm and key chain set — a special piece that could be a protection amulet to ward off misfortune. This trendy and unique set is a great way to share good vibes with your favorite four-legged friend. Clip it to your dog’s collar or harness, and wear the matching keychain yourself!

Your pets need lots of love and protection as much as you do. Carry good vibes and positive energy with you and your pet wherever you go when you keep this evil eye charm and keychain set on hand.

  • Also available in pink 
  • Comes with 1 keychain 1 charm
  • Symbol of protection and prosperity.
    As with the human eye, the evil eye charm is a symbol of protection. This charm and keychain set — along with some luck—can protect you and your pets from bad vibes.
  •  Everyday style.
    Whether at work, out with friends, or just running errands, bring your cute keychain anywhere and everywhere. The unique eye design will surely attract attention and keep you and your pet safe.
  • Unique gift idea.
    This evil eye key and charm set is an ideal gift for your loved ones and their pets! A keychain for the pet owner and a gift for the pet too (2 in 1 gift!). Since the evil eye offers protection from bad luck and misfortune, it will bring good luck and positive vibes to those who are special in your life.
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