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Frozen Treat Recipes

Pet parents are always searching for ways to care for their fur babies. Optimal health is always of utmost importance. I try and give Chino supplements that will benefit him as he ages. Recently we have been incorporating goats milk into his diet as a probiotic. Below are some of the fun items I like to put into our molds and freeze for him.  Some fun items to add into these molds include: Pumpkin puree is a great source of fibre.  Coconut oil - in moderation is great for the digestive system. I also put some on Chino's fur from time to time too.  Peanut butter - entices your dog to eat just about anything if they love it and it...

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5 Pet Holiday Hazards

Christmas is fast approaching. With the holidays comes all the decor, food and new items in your home. It's important to be mindful of all the items that are in reach of your pets. Here are the most common hazards during the holidays. Photo: Rocky The Frenchton 1. TinselThis can be easily ingested and cause a choking hazard to pets.  2.PoinsettiasSuper popular during the holidays this plant is poisonous to both carts and dogs. If ingested can cause vomiting and many other digestive issues. 3. Mistletoe Kissing underneath it is so festive, however if ingested (especially the berries) this can cause a toxic reaction in your pets. Signs include drooling and diarrhea.  4.ChocolateChristmas goodies always include chocolate. Be sure that any...

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The Holidays are fast approaching. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and it's more important now more than ever to support local businesses so that we can all continue to be in business into 2021 and beyond. We've rounded up some of our favourite local businesses that will have the perfect gift for you, your dog or someone in your family.  1. For Charley Pet Boutique A multi-vendor boutique dedicated to providing pets with curated highly-quality and beautifully designed pet products. | 2. Pitbull Tough Offering a curated selection of power chewer toys to keep your dogs working hard and happy. | 3. Kuri K9 Toronto-based mobile Certified Canine and Feline Massage Therapist. | 4. Puppy Gang Fresh Foods Holistic Veterinarian developed recipes for dogs of all ages...

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