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Back to work? Keep an eye on your dog while away

Many offices have re-opened in the Toronto and many pet parents are heading back into the office. It can be hard leaving your pet at home alone without being able to keep a watchful eye. I've rounded up a variety of different cameras to keep an eye on your pup while back at work.        Amazon Blink Indoor ($99.99) -This camera is wireless which is perfect to be able to move it around when needed.  -Battery last 2 years -Motion alerts can be set up -You can speak to your dog as well as listen in on their day too Furbo Dog Cam ($249)  -Easy set up -Has a bark alert, when your dog barks you will be...

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Importance of Pet First Aid

Accidents happen, and medical emergencies are an unfortunate part of having a pet. While some accidents result in only minor injuries, other emergencies can be life-threatening. Providing immediate care is critical. First aid training can help you understand what to look for and teach you how to provide proper care. These first aid skills can improve your pet’s chances of recovery and potentially save their life. Pet First Aid and CPR Pet first aid refers to the immediate care provided to your pet after an accident or medical event. The purpose of pet first aid is to reduce pain and further injury until your pet can receive the appropriate veterinary care. First aid can range from applying a temporary bandage...

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BarkBox is back in Canada!

I may be a little late in realizing this but there was a lengthy period of time that BarkBox was unable to take on new Canadian customers. They are finally back in business here in Canada which is super exciting. Chino has been getting a BarkBox since he was a puppy. We have never been disappointed with our boxes, the level of customer service we receive nor have we ever felt that the boxes were repetitive.    What is BarkBox?  A monthly subscription box that arrives to your door with three treats and two toys each month. Usually the treats consistent of two bags of a variety of treats and one chew. The toys also vary depending on the size...

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