Back to work? Keep an eye on your dog while away

Many offices have re-opened in the Toronto and many pet parents are heading back into the office. It can be hard leaving your pet at home alone without being able to keep a watchful eye. I've rounded up a variety of different cameras to keep an eye on your pup while back at work. 
-This camera is wireless which is perfect to be able to move it around when needed. 
-Battery last 2 years
-Motion alerts can be set up
-You can speak to your dog as well as listen in on their day too
 -Easy set up
-Has a bark alert, when your dog barks you will be alerted
-Dispenses treats
-Two way voice
-Works indoors and outdoors
-No subscription needed to review footage 
-Motion & sound alerts
-Motion & sound alerts
-Two way communication
-Easy set up
-Vet Chat built in you can consult with a vet from the camera (pretty cool!)
-Night vision
-Sound & motion alerts
-Easy to place anywhere
-Can be set up to turn on as you walk out the door
-XO Ingrid & Chino

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