Lockdown Entertainment For Your Dog

Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored, is the tune your dog may be singing these days. The pandemic has definitely shifted so many things and daily routines. Getting on a call may be harder when you have your dog who wants attention and affection all day long - like c'mon what other reason would you be home other than that?
Here are some fun ways to keep them entertained, stimulated and active.
Indoor Agility Set
If you've got the space an indoor agility set will keep not only your dog active but you (sometimes you have to go through the tunnel to show them how it's done!
Puzzle Tower Toy
This tower reminds me of a board game I had growing up. It definitely provided hours of fun so I can't imagine a dog not loving this when it dispenses treats. 
Puzzle Game 
I am a huge fan of all of the Nina Ottosson interactive toys. Chino has had a few different ones throughout the years and they are awesome.
Sometimes you don't want to use treats to keep your dog entertained or you are already using many throughout the day while training. This mat can be used for your dog's dinner so you aren't sneaking in any extra calories. 
Snuffle Mat
Snuffle mats have been all over my feed lately. This one is great it rolls up and is great to grab and go for when we can finally travel! You can bring it along to a visit at someone's house, the cottage or anywhere you want to keep your dog entertained. 
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-XO Ingrid & Chino

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