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Preparing Your Dog For Winter In The City Of Toronto

Preparing Your Dog For Winter In The City Of Toronto

Like humans, cold weather isn’t fun for dogs. It can be hard to cope with the extreme temperature change from summer to winter, but it’s vital to make sure your pooch stays warm, healthy, and happy this winter. Preparing your dog for winter in the city is key towards ensuring he or she is safe all season long. So here are some ways you can prepare your best friend for the cold weather.

Icy sidewalks
The slick, slippery winter ice is usually melted with road salt and other chemicals, this poses a real risk to your pet’s paws. The salt can be harmful to paw pads, irritate toes, and poses a grave health risk if ingested. Purchasing dog booties is one of the best ways to help them prepare for winter in the city. Dog booties will prevent paws from being cut or scratched while improving traction on ice and other slick areas. We love the Pawz booties  as they are easy to slide on and off, protect from salt & come with several pairs in case you lose a few while out on walks. 

Limit outdoor time in winter
Your pet may love to spend time outdoors, but no dog should be kept outdoors for too long in the harsh weather conditions. Even the furriest dogs can get cold and suffer from frostbite, which is why it is always recommended to make sure they don’t have prolonged exposure to the elements. Your dog may get carried away making snow angels, but you need to know when they’ve had enough. A good rule of thumb is to go out with them, and when you’re ready to come in, they should too. Taking a pet first aid class is helpful to learn the signs of frostbite and other cold related injuries and threats.

Go outside only when the sun shines
If your dog finds it hard to acclimatize to the cold even when indoors, try to walk them in the late morning or early afternoon hours when temperatures are a little warmer. The winter shouldn’t be an excuse to deprive your pup of playtime outdoors and the vitamin D the sunshines offers is great for both of you. However, be sure to avoid early morning or late evening walks as the temperature tends to drop to its lowest point at these times of day.

Get a new Wardrobe
When it’s cold, we wear coats to face the freezing temperatures, so it makes sense to make a similar provision for your pup. Admittedly, some dog breeds come with their own fur to keep them warm, but a common misconception is to think all dogs have fur that’s sufficient to keep them warm. Prepare for winter in the city by investing in a pup sweater, jacket, or coat to keep him snug and warm on all your journeys outdoors. A fleece lined jacket with a protective shell is a great one!
Thicker bedding
Do not let your pooch sleep on a cold floor in winters as low temperatures could potentially develop cold-associated problems like hypothermia. Most dogs feel uncomfortable sleeping on the ground during winter, and some of the signs include shivering, whining, acting anxious, and so on. It’s best to give the option of burrowing into some soft, cozy blankets alongside an elevated bed or a faux fur bed to keep then off any cold tiles and concrete.

Protect your dog from heaters
Household heaters may be comforting for your pooch but can be dangerous for them if they snuggle too close to them.  In the interest of your pet, we recommend you forego space heaters  to reduce the risk of your pup getting burned. Fireplaces also pose a major threat, so make sure you have a pet-proof system to keep your dog out of harm’s way.
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Stay warm friends :) 

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