Dog-Friendly Hotels in Toronto: Where to Stay with Your Furry Friend

Toronto, a vibrant and diverse city, offers a variety of attractions for both residents and tourists alike. For pet parents, exploring this city can be an exciting yet challenging experience when it comes to accommodation.
Fortunately, there are several pet-friendly hotels in Toronto that cater to both you and your furry companions, ensuring a memorable stay for all!
Here are three of the best pet-friendly hotels for your next stay in Toronto.
1.   A Pooch Paradise: Ace Hotel Toronto
Ace Hotel is committed to ensuring all guests, including pets, feel right at home. Located in the heart of the Fashion District, Ace Hotel offers a pet-friendly environment where your four-legged friends are warmly welcomed, as well as excellent amenities for you.
Upon arrival, your pets will be greeted with treats, a comfy pet bed, and more accommodations to make their stay as comfortable as yours. With nearby parks like St. Andrews Playground Park, taking your furry companion for a walk or for a game of fetch is convenient and enjoyable.
Important travel information: Ace Hotel charges a $25 fee per pet per day, and all pets must be under 25 lbs.
2.   The Life of Luxury: Le Germain Hotel Toronto Mercer
Le Germain Hotel is renowned for its sophisticated ambiance and exceptional service. This upscale hotel located in the Entertainment District understands that your pet is a part of your family. Here, both you and your furry friend can indulge in luxury and comfort.
The hotel's central location offers easy access to pet-friendly parks like Clarence Square  and convenient walking trails, allowing you to explore the city together.
Important travel information: Le Germain Hotel does charge an additional $30 fee per stay for those staying with a pet, and there is only one pet allowed per room. 
3.   The Boutique Experience: The Broadview Hotel
The Broadview Hotel stands tall as a historic landmark in Toronto's Riverside district. This boutique hotel seamlessly blends historic charm with modern amenities, extending its warmth and hospitality to your furry companions.
This unique hotel offers designated pet-friendly rooms equipped with pet amenities to make sure your canine companions feel welcomed. Take advantage of the nearby dog parks and other dog-friendly amenities like the dog pool at nearby Fit Dogs, or simply stroll along the streets of Riverside and explore the neighborhood's pet-friendly cafes and shops.
Important travel information: The Broadview Hotel charges a non-refundable pet cleaning fee of $40 per stay, and all pets must be under 50 lbs.
4.   Family-Friendly Fun: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel embraces a family-friendly atmosphere that extends to your furry family members as well. This centrally located hotel ensures that no one is left out of the travel fun, offering comfy beds and pet bowls for your pup to enjoy during your stay.
With its convenient location in the Financial District, this hotel is close to many great walking spots, including a park right across the street. 
Important travel information: All pets staying at The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel need to be under 40 kg, and there’s a maximum of two pets per room.
5.   Your Home Away from Home: Residence Inn Toronto Downtown, Entertainment District
Residence Inn provides spacious accommodations ideal for extended stays with your furry friend. From the welcoming staff to the fully equipped pet-friendly suite, there’s so much for you and your pet to enjoy. There’s even a Paws Shop in the lobby for shopping for tasty treats and all of your pup’s essentials!
Located in the Entertainment District, the hotel is a quick, two-minute walk from Clarence Square Dog Park, and conveniently close to coffee shops, walking trails, and more adventures.
Important travel information: Residence Inn charges a non-refundable pet fee per stay of $60, and there is a two-pet limit per room. There is no weight limit on pets, however.
Are You Ready to Stay in Toronto With Your Pet?
Toronto embraces pet-friendly hospitality, ensuring that both you and your furry companion have a fantastic stay. Whether you choose the inclusive atmosphere of Ace Hotel, the luxurious comfort of Le Germain Hotel, or the historic charm of The Broadview Hotel, each establishment offers a unique experience for pet parents.
So, pack your bags, bring your pet, and embark on your next fun family adventure in the pet-friendly city of Toronto!

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    I’d add the Chelsea Hotel to the list. Stayed there several times with my dog.

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